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Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 00:04:29 MST

On Monday, February 14, 2000 6:25 PM Emlyn wrote:
> I was thinking that "stuff vitamin pills down your neck" might be closer
> the mark, but I am suspicious about how many of us actually try practical
> life extension, and how many of us just wait for the miracle cure (and
> from someone who is trying to get a notebook together, so he can do his
> teleworking in the nearest cafe, replete with endless latte's...)

I practice life extension _now_ because I want to be alive when the "miracle
cure" comes along.:)

Of course, life extension should not be confused with "stuff[ing] vitamin
pills down your" throat. It can and probably should involve extensive
supplementation, but one must focus on being aware of what one is doing. I
know too many people who believe popping a few pills is all they need to
ever do -- and they do that without much research. I think all personal
life extension programs should start with research and a commitment to keep
informed. A good place to start is I think everyone on this
list who is interested in life extension should at the very least cruise
that site at least once a month.

That said, life style changes often have to be made too. I think this can
include changes in diet and activities as well as attitudes, place of work,
place of residence, and the like. Those changes are harder to make,
especially since they often require a constant drive.

And then there's cryonics, but that's another thread.:)

Long lives to all of you!

Daniel Ust
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