Re: Sampling vs. Stealing songs

Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 19:43:13 MST

In a message dated 2/14/2000 6:35:05 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< > Why is it wrong? The issues are very complicated here. Ever listen to
> hiphop? A whole genre of music, deeply meaningful to a very large
> which couldn't have existed at all if it weren't for sampling and
 'stealing' >>

Sampling per se is not wrong, and I was being a smart ass when I said my
neighbor was sampling James Brown... and that was WRONG...
.......TACKY would have been more precise....
 I think you'd have to see my neighbor (A jimi hendrix wannabe ) to
Never mind.
What I MEANT was it seems STRANGE to us these days that someone should sue
for a copyright infringement regarding "He's so fine", la la la -- when
these days sampling is done regularly.

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