Re: the cut and paste blues...

From: Emlyn (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 19:25:42 MST

Keep some of that cutting and pasting in there, John; I find it helpful,
because wading through the thread is a pain. Maybe reply at the top and have
the thread below; that way, one peruses if necessary. You could reply inline
to the most pertinent stuff, then have an "Appendices" section, I guess.
Make those messages bigger; it encourages people to chuck that old 14.4K
modem they've been to damn lazy to replace.

John wrote:
> I am trying to change. My first impulse was to cut and paste Queenemuse's
> entire Seussian riff but I caught myself and just copied the part most
> appealling to me. Again, it shocked me when I first got on the list and
> all the cut and pasting. In time I picked up the habit. I'm glad we
> all meet at a nearby restaurant everyday where there is drinking and
> for hours! You folks are a terrible influence on me. :)

I was thinking that "stuff vitamin pills down your neck" might be closer to
the mark, but I am suspicious about how many of us actually try practical
life extension, and how many of us just wait for the miracle cure (and this
from someone who is trying to get a notebook together, so he can do his
teleworking in the nearest cafe, replete with endless latte's...)

Emlyn, wired

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