Re: Punk Rock chit chat (was Re: Optional Reading)

From: Travas Gunnell (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 17:03:06 MST

>Yeah, I recall Lard: (was stoked about that)
>I think Ross digs Danzig, (I'm gaga for the Misfits) so were not _all_
>alone. Even Natasha likes Dead can Dance, not all together punk rock, but
>within the genre, (I have some of them) About your last line, there's
>something admirable about that isn't there. "question authority" <?>

Yes, admirable indeed. I like to agitate processed nourishment myself,
though I'm afraid I pale in comparison to Master Jello. Hmmm, now that I
think about it, simply expounding transhumanist ideas would seem to be its
own form of shitdisturbing, albeit (usually) unintentional.
     There's a brand spankin' new Lard album called _70's Rock Must Die_.
Haven't bought it yet though. Interestingly enough, I'm off to the local
Goth/Industrial club this very evening where Dead Can Dance is known to be
heard. I saw them live a few years ago in Chicago; they received no less
than three standing ovations.


>From: Travas Gunnell <>

> > One can always count
> > Jello stirring shit somewhere.
> >
> > -Travas

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