Re: Sampling vs. Stealing songs (was) Nirvana

Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 14:26:54 MST

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<< I would assign most of the responsibility
 to record companies, which are notorious for the tenacity and ferocity
 with which they pursue every conceivable claim against allies and
 competitors alike. The lawyers are mere functionaries in the process. >>

The thing is, it really is a direct rip-off. I'd have sued too!

But in today's song market it seems really strange to sue, because today's
music is so dirivative! And then using other musician's music even to the
point where we are actually USED to hearing stolen music. We expect it!
Dubbing and using sound clips is normal now... yesterday my neighbor was
sampling James Brown.. that's wrong... like sampling the beatles...
But then I like Beck so I better shut up

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