Re: Y2K preparations

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 10:19:53 MST

> On Friday, February 11, 2000 11:08 PM Michael S. Lorrey
> > Just kidding. I think I bought two or three weeks worth of dinner food,
> > though I did stock up on ammo.... he he.
> Technotranscendence wrote:
> Seriously, I did prepare too. A lot of people where I work snickered at me.

I pondered Y2K preparation, disregarding for the moment the actual probability
of serious dislocations. I found that my needs have changed greatly in the
past 2 decades, to where my list of needs now reads:

0) air
1) water
2) shelter
3) food
4) information

With information up at big number 4, I realized that one of the first
things to go with serious Y2K problems would be the information
pipes. I never figured a way to safeguard those, so I did nothing. spike

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