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Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 12:41:28 MST

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><< writes:
> << "How to Use a Big Vocabulary to Pick Up Women" :) >>

> oh so sizedoes matter? ; - )

"Many people in our society believe that "bigger is better" and the myth
that a big 11111 will provide more 101010 satisfaction to a woman is
widespread. Actually, 111111 diameter has little physiological effect for
the woman because the 000000 can gradually adjust to fit a 11111 of any
circumference (remember, it is designed, under the right conditions, to
allow a baby to pass through the same opening). The length of the 11111,
which determines the depth of 0000000 penetration, is relatively
unimportant, because it is the first one-third of the 000000 that has the
most nerve endings and is most responsive to physical stimulation. 11111
size may, however, have positive or negative psychological significance to a
woman. Some women prefer a large 11111; others are put off by what they
think is "too large" or "too small". Third, men may feel that a larger 11111
gives them an element of status and makes them more 10101010 attractive."

So. I hope I have met the self-censorship requests of some listmembers,
while at the same time addressing freedom-of-speech concerns of other
members. Also, I have employed the use of quotes to facilitate the filtering
needs of others. Clicking on the URL will be ineffective until one uncensors
the address.

I am sure that Rob(x) is shaking his head...wondering where the evidence is.
But, knowing his penchant for evidence...I am sure that he will provide it


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