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Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 12:11:22 MST

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<< Any people here willing to try
 their hand at some Seusstropian verse?? :)

(sigh... could I resist...........)

While our futurists look the future with glee,
Technology strapped to each trans-extro-knee....

Transhumans love techno, they love it a lot!!
But the Luddites and Deathists and Mystics do not!!!
They fear it with loathing, they think it is bad
and Extropians' thoughts make these people so MAD!!!

With their Buckyballs, Nanotech, (transhuman fare),
They bring fear to the Luddites in Ludditeland Lair.
Living forever, they say isn't fair!!
We must leave things alone, now -- and how do we DARE!!

Smarts drugs and implants, transforms of all sorts,
Automorphing Exo-terrans, excelling at sports!
Enhancing of and Reason, and humor and smarts,
Uploading, VR and A.I. and new arts!
Nanofluff, Floogle-guns, grey goo and Robots
Clipperfloof, Cryo, and not-yet-made-whatnots!
Terraforms, rockets and Chickens from Space!
They're making new memes sprout all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ideas may make fundamentalists cringe,
Yet the memes somehow crept to the *front* from the fringe!

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