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From: john grigg (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 11:22:37 MST

Glen Finney wrote:
For example, I might like the whole idea of a cloak, but in daily life it
would make people uneasy, which is not a message I normally wish to send. So
instead I wear my labcoat open so I get that nice flapping in the breeze
effect as I rush to a code, and when I go outside I like to wear a long
blackcoat, again open if it isn't too cold (and if it is, then close it up
to restore full functionality, which in my book trumps appearance). My
personal asthetics remain, but I adapt them for the setting. I imagine I
will do much the same in a bod mod future, and highly recommend the approach
to others.

I have a love of cloaks myself. As a young boy watching Darth Vader regally
enter the captured rebel ship, I just knew cloaks were where it's at! Zorro
also grabbed my imagination and I wanted to slash the letter Z everywhere as
a kid. Also, the red cloak of a Roman Imperial Centaurion is extremely
impressive. I can't wait to see the new film, "Gladiator." Last night I
saw "Tombstone" (a must-see film) and I loved the long black overcoats they

I have thought of getting one of the desperado/country style coats. They
are popular up here in Alaska. Anyway, I think it's cool who you have
adapted your love of cloaks to your regular life.


John Grigg

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