Re: Predation (Was Re: FW: Voting and Idea Futures)

Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 00:24:51 MST

In a message dated 02/13/2000 2:10:52 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I say that predation of animals is linked more solidly to
> biological/evolutionary behavior; whereas Roman gladiators were of a
> psycho-social variety of something, very wrong, happening occuring in a
> society. Because the executed 'gladiator' could no longer contribute
> economically to the society that slain them.
> Speculation: once 'meat' is produced from non-animal sources, well enough
> to
> satisfy consumers; then actual animal meat from killed animals will
> dissipate. The trick is to develop the technology.
Ok--I find Roman Gladiators to be morally repugnant. I was just trying to put
the un-desirability of enforced human slaughter into purely, practical,
terms. Its the morality and religion thang as W -Bush might mumble. But
there ya have it. Religion seems to 'evolve' also; perhaps for the better,
perhaps not.

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