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Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 23:03:07 MST

On Saturday, February 12, 2000 10:17 AM John Clark
> Life is short and there are too many posts to scroll through
> dozens of lines we've all seen before to find original content. Besides, I
> anybody that poor at editing probably can't organize their thoughts in a
> concise manner either and so is not worth reading.

I'm not as harsh as John Clark with any particular list member, but my main
strategy now is that all Extropians stuff goes into my wastebasket and I
only pull out and read the stuff I'm interested in. I've been doing this
for the past few weeks and the mailbox clutter is way down now.:)

I generally try to trim out the excess quoting in an list reply.

BTW, on a moderated list I'm on, the list owner won't accept almost any
quoting. It seems to work quite well with keep post sizes low. I still
recommend a posting limit like three per day per member and a maximum post
size. Such limits might increase quality without dictating content. (It
would mean people without multiple accounts would not respond to every
single blessed post and focus instead on what they think is important.) In
a way, it would be self-organizing -- practicing what some on the list
preach...:) (Compare to the "skunk works" type setup. I.e., giving a
project less resources than it needs to accomplish its goals, so that new
and creative means of accomplishing them arise.)


Daniel Ust
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