QUICK: Stilted Adults & Underage Kids delete this sexy subject line!

From: QueeneMUSE@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 19:52:28 MST

<< Hot sex however has connatations of
 sad old salary men addicted to internet porn - and I being thought to be of
 that ilk is slightly embarrasing. I certainly don't want to be put into a
 position of having to convince my kids that I'm not a sad old wanker. >>

If an e-mail would lead the family to that conclusion, communication needs
to be stepped up, dad...

As porn acitivist, I have to say again, that's sad... I watch porn.
Anyway EVEN if it was a spam about porn... porn... porn.... I get thousands!
Who cares?You let something that simple hold that much power over you? \

Man, this whole thing, it's antithesis of freedom... nothing wrong with
sex... lots wrong with subverting it... lots wrong with pretending it's not
in your mailbox or on all over the net...

hey! Get a load of that guy who doesn't like the word sex, but still wants to
*have sex* as long as he has a lofty bunch of words that explain WHY it isnt

What exactly is wrong with Hot Sex?
Yikes, I feel like I'm in the Middle Ages and this is supposed to be a

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