Re: mental and not physical modifications may create the most "alien" people...

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Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 15:18:33 MST

Anders Sandberg (
10 Feb 2000 14:54:41 +0100 wrote:

>"john grigg" <> writes:

>> What could be very disturbing is when people decide to "turn off" their
>> conscience to do ethically malicious things. Of course drugs and alcohol
>> have been used for centuries in this way. Not just by individuals but also
>> governments and militaries.

>To take an example that came up in my "Big ideas" sf campaign: a business
leader being
>questioned about whether he had done some illegal things, and answered
turthfully: "I have no
>recollections of ever having done so, and I consider the act deeply
immoral!". But earlier he had
>been much less ethical, and deliberately created an ethical "Dr. Jekyll"
personality that had no
>memories and had very different values, and a "Mr. Hyde" personality with
no such inhibitions
>that appeared at certain points or in certain situations. So he could
continue his unethical
>dealings without his conscious knowledge. Of course the real problem here
is juridical: is he
>guilty of his crimes, or a victim of mental insanity? Is it a crime to do
this kind of restructuring?
>Should Mr. Hyde be punished but not Dr. Jekyll?

It's clear to me--dare I say obvious--that if the Dr. Jekyll created this
personality duality so that the crimes could be committed without "his"
knowledge, then he is the leading agent in a criminal conspiracy, and
deserves the lion's share of the blame. Creating the means to escape
responsibility for your crimes is just an additional crime. Nail the

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