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From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 10:14:07 MST

--Neal Marin wrote:
> > Neal, although i would hate to think you could get
> > in trouble, and I would
> > never want to offend anyone young...
> *grin* I'm not offended.

Me neither.

--Neal Marin wrote:
> well, first off, I'm fourteen. And I can discuss
> sex with my parents, but I choose not to because
> have a curious reaction to things labelled 'hot

Me, I'm fifteen. And my parents aren't exactly what
qualifies as "open-minded" :)

--Neal Marin wrote:
> My mom *is* an atheist, and my dad's just fine with
> uploading and cryonic suspension...along with most
> of the ideas expressed. Sometimes he even scans
> through the list.

~sigh~ *My* mom is... er... what could be politely
referred to as a 'semi-fanatic' when it comes to
religion. And that's pretty much the general attitude
in this neck of the woods... There's a smattering of
atheists, but it's quite the rarity around here. Just
yesterday I got into a 'discussion' (which turned into
a 'her screaming at me and running off' thing,
unfortunately) with a girl at my school, when she
started talking about how "God's going to end the
world", and "Heaven" and stuff like that. I was quite
polite, kept the "shocking ideas" as low-key as I
could, but she just couldn't handle the concepts and
resorted to the usual righteous shouting of such
highly intelligent arguments as "You're just wrong!!"
(to which I responded "How do you know?", triggering
the next), "The Bible says so!" ("Do you believe
everything you read?"), "Of course not!" ("Then why do
you accept everything you read in the Bible without
the slightest doubts?"), and so on. And as for my dad?
He can't even stand to watch those 'future technology'
shows on Discovery and stuff (like those ones they
showed back around the end of December 99). He's one
of those people who can't stand to not be in *control*
of everything, and he does *not* like all this
technology he can't control!! :)

--Neal Marin wrote:
> *ahem* I don't know about everyone else on this
> but I'm fourteen and five feet short.

Better height-wise than me, I'm a year older than you
and five feet myself! :)

-- Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> But as Eliezer/Neal/Ziana observe, it isn't our
> convictions that are so much the problem but the
> convictions of the non-extropian overlords of list
> subscribers who may not be especially happy with the

> topics we so freely throw around.

Yes, very well said. I want to comment on that, but I
can't think of anything to say! Ah, well. :) --insert
thoughtful response I can't seem to think of at the
moment here-- :)

--QueenMUSE wrote:
> That's cool, i get a better picture now, and it's
> good knowing that you will be able to talk about
> this stuff with them - instead of getting "in
> trouble" for having way out ideas.

You're lucky, Neal :) Unfortunately, not everyone is
so open-minded....

--QueenMUSE wrote:
> My parents were also atheists, which made my life
> easier I think.

Oh, if only! Everyone else in my family is highly
religious; only recently have I made the only slight
inroad of progress so far, talking my mom out of
making me attend church (they're Catholics) every
Sunday morning (although I'm supposed to spend that
hour at home reading religious literature).

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