Goldang it all to heck and back! was Re: Correction

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 00:37:41 MST

Aw, I was gonna beat him to it! Ding BLANG IT TO BLAZES! Pardon me while
I subvert this thread to take some time off.

Is it OK if I shout as long as I'm only shouting pretend-naughty stupid

Strike that last. I'm a mehum, so by definition my output can only be

I don't think anyone is being a coward. I will note that my preference
for a maximum of elbow room just felt something like a sharp twinge. And
because I refuse to waste my attention trying to model what a minor's
worst-case parents would find offensive when I post--I refuse, I will
not waste the energy to think about it, though it may turn up in my
thoughts eventually--and so, inevitably, someday, I will post something
with a stronger sentiment or language than, perhaps, "Oh Perdition!", or
perhaps something more earthily verifiable and Indo-Euro, such as to be
unmistakably inappropriate to others of some different calibration.

Well, I can't stand the thought of being the person to be hanged with
the label of The Guy Who Got Extropy's Ass Sued.

Ooops. There I go.

And here I go. Because I respect Eliezer too much to disagree with him
(and Robert--incidentally, I'm not a lawyer but I think the response to
the question you posed is usually, "If you have to think more than once
about it, you probably *should* be preparing a legal defense fund. Or
getting insurance. If you're judgement-proof, what the heck?").

It's been another interesting chunk of time, all. Be well. See you on
the Funway. I hadn't thought this was Disney dot "freaking" com.

When I stop caring about this enough, I'll probably be back. And I'll be
myself, too, the kind that doesn't want to spend time in this particular
minefield right now. But it'll be later, so maybe I'll be different. Or
not. And I'm sorry that I can't think of a way to distinguish my
reaction from simple pigheadedness. That's really too bad.


Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse. In that case, I'll excuse myself.
Wonderful pie, Mrs. Cleaver. OOLP! there I go. wrote:
> ...before resident Zappa expert Greg Burch finds my typo
> It goes:
> There will come a time when you can even take your clothes off when you dance!

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