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Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 23:42:03 MST wrote:

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> << what we are talking about,
> then the use of that term is appropriate. If the modification of
> human genitalia to enhance and preserve the erotic experience
> for those companions whose shared lives are otherwise rewarding,
> then we are really talking about something else, and the word
> "sex" is not "offensive" but simply contextually irrelevant.
> >>
> If human genetalia isn't "sex" - what ever could it be?

A means to mutual erotic satisfaction or interpersonal intimacy
rather than a means to biological reproduction.

That is why we both referred to "genitalia" rather than "sex

Of course the connotations are context-dependent, and above
I set up a social situation where enhancing personal relationship
was the focus. If, on the contrary, we were discussing merely
mutual masturbation, I suppose "sex" might be used with respect
to the body in a purely hedonistic way. But even this would be
a colloquial extension of the proper meaning of the word.


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