Re: Hot Sex

Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 08:47:04 MST

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<< "Hey, I got laid last night" if on an average day you are
 functionally compatible with one person in 10,000 instead of one
 in two (or even everyone for the very liberal). >>


      Is that really makign it more interesting, or just more of a hunt. I
hear that men enjoy the hunt more than the act, but this takes the cake!!
As a monogamous female, not prone to bragging "I got laid last night", the
idea of going on 10,000 dates with 10,000 lawers, engineers, architects,
doctors, bodybuilders or whatever, and listening to 10, 000 evenings of
conversation about them, with their sole intent being finding one right sex
partner - my hair stands on end.

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