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Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 13:56:15 MST

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>>From: Spike Jones <>

>>John Lennon song: My Sweet Lord. Part of the lyrics go

>>...Give me light, give me life, keep me free from birth...

>>I asked a Krishna friend what that means, and he explained
>>it was a reference to reincarnation. The goal is to stop being
>>reincarnated, and be... Im not sure what, in Nirvana?
>>Buddhist friends, does this sound right? spike

>I'm not a Buddhist, but my understanding is that "reality" as we
>perceive it in our everyday experience is a charade of apparently
>separate things (cars, planets, taxes, love, penises, goldfish,
>etc.) Whereas in Buddhist philosophy the "real" reality consists
>of a holistic, unified "everything/nothing." You know, I am you,
>you are me and taxes are goldfish. The objective is to become
>"enlightened" enough to comprehend this uncomprehensible
>phenomena. Once you have learned that lesson, you can then
>abandon the charade of your separate physicality and join with the
>invisible and indivisible everything/nothing. In other words you
>annihilate to become nothing and everything at the same time. Get
>it? Good, neither do I.

No thyself, Zen's answer to Socrates...

Q What did the Zen student say to the hotdog vendor?

A "Make me one with everything."


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