Re: mental and not physical modifications may create the most "alien" people...

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 03:11:01 MST

It appears as if john grigg <> wrote:
|Mental modifications could turn out to be ultimately the most jarring to
|others. Remember in Star Trek episodes where McCoy and others are bothered
|by Spock's vulcan emotional control? I could see similar situations when
|some people decide to maintain a strict control over their emotions to block
|out possible pain or for added focus in their life. Others might move their
|emotional range in the opposite direction.

The ``others'' would probably define the mental modification a disability,
and want to outlaw it, if they can.

|What could be very disturbing is when people decide to "turn off" their
|conscience to do ethically malicious things. Of course drugs and alcohol
|have been used for centuries in this way. Not just by individuals but also
|governments and militaries.

Why not simply redefine one's ethics to allow the act in question?

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