mental and not physical modifications may create the most "alien" people...

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 01:50:34 MST

Anders wrote:
What is really interesting to think of is not body modifications but
mental modifications. They could really bring about clonliness - or
make people so wildly individual that the social scene would start to
look like a sitcom (hmm... it already does, from my vantage point :-).- --

Mental modifications could turn out to be ultimately the most jarring to
others. Remember in Star Trek episodes where McCoy and others are bothered
by Spock's vulcan emotional control? I could see similar situations when
some people decide to maintain a strict control over their emotions to block
out possible pain or for added focus in their life. Others might move their
emotional range in the opposite direction.

What could be very disturbing is when people decide to "turn off" their
conscience to do ethically malicious things. Of course drugs and alcohol
have been used for centuries in this way. Not just by individuals but also
governments and militaries.

John Grigg
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