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Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 12:59:38 MST

A smart card that can verify its owner through fingerprint verification or
iris recognition has been developed by Keyware and Proton World

Deep Blue? Meet Deep Copper. IBM Wednesday will unveil a new generation of
supercomputers it says offers a major performance increase by using IBM
Power3 processors with copper interconnect technology.,4586,2435011,00.html?chkpt=zdnntop

Cybersex Amongst Multiple-Selves and Cyborgs

The city fathers of a California town plan to build the world's first lunar
colony, but they will skip the tricky part of going to the moon to do it.

The revolution begins, and ends, with me. In A Fantasy for the Future we can
experience a post-memetic fable which draws a crystal picture of repercepted
reality. "Slowly, an awareness emerged that it was not "what" that had
changed, but "who". It was people who were affected. The world remained the
same, but the observers were perceiving differently."

"Consciousness it would seem, is the perception of an interference pattern,
by the interference pattern itself."

Maybe We Are Alone in the Universe, After All

A Curriculum for Cybernetics and Systems Theory

The Space Shuttle is readying "to collect data for the most detailed, near
global topographic map of the Earth ever made" It's unbelievable that 80% of
the globe will be scanned in high resolution by radar on a single, 11-day
Space Shuttle mission. It'll take one to two years to make the maps.

"Understanding is a kind of ecstasy." - Carl Sagan

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