Re: Singularity in the newspapers

From: dennis (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 10:28:03 MST

I've enjoyed Damien's insight and comments for some time.
For those wanting THE LAST MORTAL GENERATION now,
you can order it like I did via
While amazon in the US did not list this book, amazon UK
had it. Surprisingly amazon UK also had all my info from
the US already set up, making ordering easy. Unfortunately everything
is in pounds, so I only had a rough idea what I was paying. Commerce
websites could use an option to display final amounts in a variety of
currencies. It was delivered in less than a week, and the total cost
was under $30.00 US.

I looked for the SPIKE about a year ago, and the only listings were in
Australia. Unfortunately, the sites were not set up for foreign orders,
so I was not able to get it. I'm amazed at how the web is opening up
the world marketplace, and also amazed at how some companies do little
to help those from outside their local geopolitical boundary.

Incidently Damien, reading Australian newspapers gives an interesting slant to
the news for those accustomed to just the US. There are stories the common
media in the US totally ignore. Though,
I find it almost impossible to follow the internal politics and sports,
both are apparently violent, confrontational, and involve lots of
beer. :-)

I'm anxiously waiting to order the revised SPIKE. Hopefully electronic books
like will speed up publishing in the future. 10 months
to get a revised edition of a book to the stores is kinda slow in the
wired world.

Dennis Ivey

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 07:01 PM 8/02/00 -0800, Spike spake:
> >Is The Spike available in
> >the states?
> Revised/updated version just dispatched to NY NY a week or so back, disk
> should be with editor even as we speak.
> But I guess Tor won't have it out until the end of the year or start of
> 2001 - an auspicious date, however. I sincerely hope it rips through the
> top of the best-seller list graph paper. (Until then, though, no, not
> available; Amazon has the sequel, THE LAST MORTAL GENERATION, listed for
> April availability, so I'm guessing it's the dregs of the Oz print run
> being shipped to the States.
> Damien

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