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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 08:16:26 MST

From: "Evan Brown" <>

>I'm sure there'll be some of this, I personally can't wait until
>white men _can_ jump (movie's right, we can't). But substance
>will no doubt follow style for a good long time to come. What's
>more likely to be seen on the road: good gas mileage or a good
>bumper sticker? There will be some who use it to extend their own
>abilities, but they will likely be outnumbered by those who use it
>to extend their appearance.

White men can't jump? Says who?

Having problems with your vertical? You might want to try the
ATTACK athletics website:

Tim Grover was Michael Jordans personal trainer, he claims his
program can increase your vertical 6"-14" in 12 weeks.

I just bought 2 sets for friends (injury prevention mostly)

Think Extropian, get a better protocol... ;)

>Fabio's not all that special if any Tom, Dick or Nadia can look
>like him.

Doesn't Fabio have either a masters or PHD in electrical
engineering from MIT? Makes him okay in my book...


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