Re: HUMOR?: An Open Letter to the Manufacturers of Ziploc Brand Sandwich Bags

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 07:59:30 MST

It appears as if Robert J. Bradbury <> wrote
about Ziploc[tm] bags:
|There isn't much of a market for it because overseas they are a
|little more relaxed about drug use compared to to the U.S. police.
|They just wouldn't sell in the Netherlands for example.

You are in error. The bags sell in the Netherlands.

a. One can use Ziploc[tm] bags to much more than as drug containers.

b. Cannabis sativa product seller would want to keep the flavour of the
   product, even if the area happens to have less drugs fascism than
   the U.S. has.

ObExtropian: When I visited Amsterdam, NL, I also noted that soft drug
                sellers had adopted another new technology: Japanese oxygen
                absorbers which come in small bags. They add these small bags
                into the Ziploc[tm] bags to avoid product deterioration by
                oxidation. I understand Japanese food producers use oxygen
                absorbers for the same purpose.

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