Re: Hot Chicks: (ws) body mods making life more fun...

From: Elizabeth Childs (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 21:41:10 MST

From: <>
> I HOPE TO GOD modifications will be adopted to make people *more* of an
> individual and not bring even more soulless clones into existance.

Given that there's nothing more embarassing than showing up in the exact
same outfit as someone else, I think it's unlikely that people will want to
look just alike on a full time basis. How would we tell them apart?

> But then with everyone so hot here in LA to buy an S.U.V. and fit in ,
> though that's the dumbest city vehicle in existance, I guess we will see a
> lot of Scullies and Julia Roberts ( or whatever the current fashion models
> look like) running around.
> Yechhhhhhh

Just wait until you can buy the DNA of a celebrity - thousands of little
Brittney Spears clones. And since it's quite easy to swipe DNA - you just
need saliva, or hair, or skin flakes, right? - inevitably, the sequence of
the DNA of celebrities will be available from some anonymous server in

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