Re: EUREKA: I've fallen and I can't upload

From: Emlyn (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 18:47:01 MST

> Women over seventy five would rather be dead than be in a home with a hip
> fracture
> This article seems pretty timely given the recent discussions on the lack
> a mass desire to live for a good long time. I think it's important to
> in mind that, for many of the elderly, aging really does lead to
> like this, and it is at least somewhat understandable if they don't relish
> the idea of immortality. We will need to make some serious inroads
> the debilitating effects of aging before we can expect much of the
> to start taking seriously, and ultimately supporting, the kinds of
> in life expectancy we're...well...expecting.
> -Evan-

Personally, I'm hanging on no matter what. Dribbling, being fed my ice cream
mixed with my porridge, colostomy bags. I'm hoping that if its necessary, I
can get through the seriously undignified years doped to my eyeballs, to be
detoxed when I can be rejuvenated. I'm also really hoping that we can get
some decent life-extension & rejuvenation tech together early, so this wont
be necessary.

Or, I get built into a power wheelchair, build a race of improbable rolling
sentient death machines with suction pads instead of hands, and take over
the ground floors (weakness=stairs) of the rest of the universe.


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