Re: WWW representation of Real World? (I hope not)

Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 13:02:57 MST

KPJ <> writes:
> Assumption: You refer to Freedom software by Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.
> And now: Questions, questions...
> [0] Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc. seems to be Canada based.
> Does the Canadian government allow it to sell "sophisticated
> cryptography" to non-US countries? If not, the Freedom software
> would become less interesting, wouldn't you say?

I believe that Canada is pretty liberal about crypto exports. And of
course the US has recently relaxed their regulations as well. So at this
point the export restrictions are becoming much less of an issue.

> [1] Can one trust their Freedom Network[tm]?

I know several of the people involved with this project. They are
committed cypherpunks from way back, and technically very strong.
The company has been good about providing white papers explaining the
technology, and they even have a whole paper full of nothing but attacks.
The system isn't perfect, and some of the features aren't done yet,
but once it is fully operational it should be very strong.

> [2] How can one be sure that ZKSI does not collect the data one sends
> through their software, unless one gets the program source?

They have made indications about going to some kind of open source
model, or at least releasing the source for review. Supposedly they
have a Linux project going as well (currently it is only for Win 95/98).
This should help add confidence to the system.


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