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Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 22:49:59 MST writes:

> on behalf of all the other people (yea, i know your out there) who don't
> know what "apotemnophillia" is, and can't piece it together from the roots...
> wtf is apotemnophillia? had to ask...

Apotemnophilia. Ask your search engine.

apotemnophilia: a paraphilic fixation of the stigmatic/eligibilic type
in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm
are responsive to and contingent on being oneself an amputee [from
Greek, apo, from + temnein, to cut + -philia]. An apotemnophile
becomes fixated on carrying out a self-contrived amputation, or
obtaining one in a hospital. It is accompanied by obsessional scheming
to get one or more limbs amputated. The reciprocal paraphilic
condition in which the partner is an amputee is acrotomophilia or
acrotmetophilia (the liking of an amputated extremity); the condition
of sexuoerotic arousal being contingent on having an amputee partner,
or fantasizing about an amputee, in order to obtain erotic arousal and
facilitate or achieve orgasm.

(Above isn't quite true, btw, since in some cases apotemnophilia is
not paraphilic in nature, but is originated by a defect in the body
image, somewhat akin to the case described in Oliver Sacks' "A Leg to
Stand On").

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If you're working from the roots, erotophonophilia probably doesn't
mean what you think it does.

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