Re: best-of-extropians?

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 20:32:24 MST

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> Loree Thomas writes:
> > Informed consent?
> greatly overrated. ;))

I know I'm taking this too seriously (I do see the emoticon), but among
this group I didn't expect to encounter a snicker and a sly wink toward
the body mod crowd.

As a transhumanist, I don't see any alternative to endorsing the concept
of "informed consent" wholeheartedly. I have already encountered areas
where I wanted to ingest a prescription drug for which I didn't have any
of the indications listed in the PDR.

I can envision future medical procedures I might desire (cryonics!)
where the only way any competent medical professional will perform the
requested service is on the basis of informed consent.

So that leaves the door open for apparently extreme procedures that you
personally don't see the value in. So what?

Personally, I have no problem at all with the body mod crowd and as
nanotech comes online, I'd expect to (look forward to, really) see some
really wild modifications, including tails, whole body fur (tiger
stripes anyone?), examples of every humanoid alien from every movie or
TV show, gills, primary and pastel colors for skin, third eyes and
more... limited only by the imagination of humans/transhumans.

Loree Thomas


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