Re: WWW representation of Real World? (I hope not too)

Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 08:19:57 MST

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 Some sentient network life forms know the truth ``Internet does not forget.''
 and avoid unnecessary information leakage to the Net on their internal data.

An odd thing:
One day a friend of mine called me and said " You are in Mensa's magazine!"
I have never been in Mensa, nor spent time with that crowd, and am certainly
not a writer.
I am nonplussed.
So he shows it to me, and it's me, QueeneMUSE, from the extropian list, being
quoted on the topic of "Sexuality and Intelligence". I barely remember
posting this particular byte, but it's a topic I remember toying with on the
list and it's something I believe to be true.... it was kind of a wiseass
comment(believe it or not; )
The woman who wrote the article did not contact me or say she was going to
use it, nor did she have any idea of who i was or what my credentials might
be (they are exactly: none).
Thank Dog it was a fairly tame statement, considering the subject and also my
line of reasoning (exactly: fun).

So: above statement agreed upon: and worse: you never know what you may find
yourself supporting.

Using extra colons today:
Queen of Love and Art

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