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From: Alexander Shkirenko (shkirenko@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 20:18:19 MST

--- HANS-MARTIN <infoexch@cgocable.net> wrote:
> Very often when people bring up the topic of
> death, I will inevitably mention that death "may"
> not be inevitable. When I try to explain that it is
> really just a problem with biology and it can be
> corrected, I usually get a look as if I just tore
> off my face and reveled some terrifying Sci Fi
> creature. I never understood why this should come
> a shock to people these days.

I think the answer lies in the public's perception of
immortality. Stories throughout history and especially
Hollywood's recent influence on story telling in
general has countless themes which go something to the
effect of:

Individual seeks immortality, Individual ends up in
some form or another regretting ever wanting to live
forever. It's almost a societal cliche.

It's not too surprising then that the vast majority of
people ape what they hear on TV. With that said I'm
positive that when practical immoratility becomes
realized people will quickly change tune.
Unfortunately for us, I guess, is that we need those
people's money and support now, how do we convince
people otherwise right now...?

"The world is a smoke filled room we die in the isles looking for the exit" -Bruce Wagner

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