re: Apocalyptic Prophecy is Easy

From: Zeb Haradon (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 18:28:48 MST

> Doomsday prophets have it easy. They never have to get it right. <p>
> The safest bet I can imagine, is that every “end of the world” prophet
will be wrong. I
> wonder if there’s any way to make money by betting against them. ;-D<p>

Yes, you could find people who believe the prophet, and offer to buy their
homes, cars, or whatever, at unreasonably low prices, with a clause that
says the ownership of the property does not transfer to you until after said
date (when the world is supposed to end). If they really believe it, then
from their view they're just getting free money since they get to keep the
property anyway until "the end of time".

> Rick Strongitharm

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