Re: WWW representation of Real World? (I hope not)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 17:12:57 MST

> > Is there good reason to be arrogant on the net and not in person,
> > when you are ashamed of that behavior?

> Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:...ashamed? I find it effective and
> empowering to be an arrogant loudmouth. I think both of those
> aspects of my personality are "real", just used for different
> circumstances and different goals....

YES and now we get to the heart of this matter. Lee Crocker
*is* more effective as a take-no-prisoners orator online and Lee
Crocker *is* more effective as a polite, soft spoken gentleman in
the meat world. Why? Lee is a big palooka. Ive seen smaller
men contending on rasslemania. If he acted aggressively in
the flesh, *he would scare people* and thats not good. Online,
he can be the strongman that his size disallows, and that *is* good.

Similarly, if I said the things at a nanoschmooze that I have
sometimes posted, the ladies might interpret these as a
come-on. But online, its perfectly harmless, for you, I,
each of us *is in total control* of our online world, unlike
*any* other area of our lives. If someone pisses you off,
no problem: delete and POOF they are gone. Your online
contacts usually dont know where you live, dont know your
phone number, they cannot bother you if you choose to not
be bothered. Too bad the meat world has no delete key.
If it did, then we could have all the freedoms the online world
offers. Until then viva la difference! spike

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