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Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 02:04:04 MST

I think not. As best I can recall the subs you're thinking of used
catalyzed high-concnetration hydrogen peroxide H2O2 when they were
operating in "rocket" mode. They got steam to run turbines and oxygen as
output. Not sure what they did with the oxygen. wrote:
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> > The highest energy density for *practical* air-independent propellants is
> > lithium with sulfur hexafluoride, used in steam engines in torpedoes- the
> > boiler is a coil of tubing with lithium cast around it, and the SF6 is
> > throttled to control the heating power. The reaction ignites
> > spontaneously, so simply opening the SF6 valve starts the boiler, and all
> > the reaction products are liquids or solids- no exhaust to get rid of. This
> > delivers only 4384 J/g, but is actually storable under realistic
> > conditions.
> This wouldn't have been the fuel for the nazi "rocket subs" that were
> introduced in limited quantities late in WWII would it?
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