Re: SOC/BIO: Rifkin on Human Genetic Engineering in the LA Times

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 23:29:01 MST

Randy Smith wrote:
> >From:
> This hypocrite piece of crap Rifkin; he scares the hell out of me. What is
> his position on abortion, I wonder? Does he REALLY consider a 140-cell
> clump a human being? I doubt it.

I wonder why an obvious opinion article was published as if it was real
news... and why they didn't make clear the bias that Rifkin brings to
the subject. The average person, given no more information about
Riftkin than his latest book title (which was a footnote to the article)
will assume he is a research scientist in the genetics and biotech
field... when he is in fact simply a professional alarmist.

Someone (several someones?) who lives in LA should send a letter to the
editor taking them to task for publishing that commercial for his book
as if it were actual news.

Loree Thomas


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