High Energy Densities (DuoDex after all?)

From: EvMick@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 21:59:49 MST

This is something else I found surfing.....from BlackLightPower.com.

A fundamental new energy source (the BlackLightSM TM process) has been
derived theoretically and confirmed empirically by BlackLight Power Inc.
(BLP). The process is not nuclear -- neither fission nor fusion, nor is it
chemical in the usual sense, in that there is no molecular alteration. The
BlackLightSM TM process, developed by Randell L. Mills, BlackLight's
President, is a catalytically induced transformation of hydrogen energy
states to levels below the "ground state" (n=1), as defined by generally
accepted atomic theory. Recent experimental data indicate energy releases
beyond one thousand times the combustion energy of hydrogen. Since the
combustion energy is the energy required to split water into hydrogen and
oxygen, the hydrogen fuel can be produced from water using a fraction of a
percent of the released energy. Thus the BlackLightSM TM process gives rise
to a prospective inexhaustible, economical, environmentally friendly energy


I wonder what they do in their spare time....write books?

Un....yeah they did....a rather modest one though...entitled

The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics...

And I quote.....

A new unified classical approach to quantum physics which is in agreement
with observations over 45 orders of magnitude of spacetime.

The theoretical basis for a new energy-producing process reported in Business
Week, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and featured in separate
documentaries by the British Broadcasting Corporation ("BBC") and the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ("CBC").

For physicists, chemists, other scientists, and those interested in the
solution of the most profound issues of modern physics.

Short Abstract
Dr. Mills has built on the work generally known as quantum mechanics by
deriving a new atomic theory based on first principles. The novel theory
hereafter referred to as Mills' theory unifies Maxwell's Equations, Newton's
Laws, and Einstein's General and Special Relativity. The central feature of
this theory is that all particles (atomic-size and macroscopic particles)
obey the same physical laws. Whereas Schrödinger postulated a boundary
condition: as , the boundary condition in Mills' theory was derived from
Maxwell's equations [7]:

For non-radiative states, the current-density function must not possess
space-time Fourier components that are synchronous with waves traveling at
the speed of light.

Application of this boundary condition leads to a physical model of
particles, atoms, molecules, and, in the final analysis, cosmology. The
closed-form mathematical solutions contain fundamental constants only, and
the calculated values for physical quantities agree with experimental

The theory successfully predicts many measured quantities of atomic physics
and spectroscopy, the nature of the chemical bond, masses of fundamental
particles, nuclear physics, cosmology, and a wide variety of astrophysical
observations. It provides a resolution of the 8 solar problems. Over 60
spectral lines from the interstellar medium, the Sun, flares, protostars, and
the microwave infrared background match those predicted for the existence of
lower-energy hydrogen corresponding to fractional quantum numbers. Mills'
theory is derived from first principles and holds over a scale of spacetime
of 45 orders of magnitude: it correctly predicts the nature of the universe
from the scale of the quarks to that of the cosmos.

end quote....

Do any of you techie types know if this is legit or not? Do you think the
book might be worth reading?

EvMick (quantum truckdriver)
Okie City.

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