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Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 15:52:08 MST

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<< The Fox channel just ran a program on cryonics that had Brin in
 a kind of neutral stance. Merkel was in there saying some encouraging

 I would have loved to see Ralph Merkel on TV!!! : ) : D = }

>>overall the Fox pitch seemed a bit negative. {8-[ Damn.
 spike >>
That's OK, Spike.
There are a lot of skeptics about Cryonics, even amongst extropians.
I for one don't subscribe. I am more than a "bit" negative. I think it's not
feasible. Actually, I am not being negative. I am being true to my self. To
reason as I see it.

For a lot of reasons i think it's not going to work, at least not how we are
freezing corpsicles today. Not to mention my concern about the organizations
themselves lasting as long as the Dead Dwellers' Dewers.

Still I have considered (though as yet decided against) signing up, just to
fund researching reanimation. Better, if I was richer, I'd fund research for
a cure for aging and death itself. Even better, get a personal trainer and
get my heart in the best shape it could be.. damn, anyone want to buy some
extropic art?

The important thing is: superlongevity and the hope of finding a cure for
death is getting airplay. Nano is getting airplay. Natasha and Max are being
interviewed. Ralph is being interviewed.

The sad thing is that these same dumb networks who display all kinds of
healthy skepticism for techno tend to promote (without a shred of evidence)
all kinds of Uri Geller, afterlife, X files claptrap ..ostensibly to
get ratings.... damn!
: D
-Queen Evilfoof

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