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Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 12:22:34 MST

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Its at:

> I have yet to get a copy of _Nanomedicine_ -- mostly because of the price
> issue. (And it's probably beyond my understanding right now.:)
No, start with the first 3 chapters which are quite easy to read.
Then browse the remaining chapters as your interest and energy permit.
Understanding it *all* is beyond any but the most dedicated engineers.
Where it excels is in providing you with the background information,
the relevant physics & math (to grind the pundits noses in) and some general
conclusions (so you can think about what this means creatively).

Unless I need the math (which I have on a few occasions), I just skim
it and focus on the background information and the conclusions. Thats
the same way I've dealt with Nanosystems (my several copies of which
now have numerous stickies dangling out of them).

Buy a copy, leave it sitting on your coffee table the next time
you have your family to dinner or have a party. Take it with
you when you go sit in coffee shops, read a little bit, then
close the book and stare off into space dreamily (that gives
people an opportunity to come over and talk to you about it).
Take it home on holidays, leave it conspicuously in the empty
seat next to you on the plane. If you don't have a copy but
your university does, spring for copies of one or two chapters
and a color copy of the cover. Sell, Sell, Sell. Your life
may depend on it. If your university doesn't have a copy call
up your city library and request they get a copy. Enroll
your librarian (tell him or her their life may depend on it).

If you want some discussion of "real life" applications, read
the paper on respirocytes in the Nanomedicine subsection at the
Foresight Institute.


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