Re: Fox cryonics show

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 13:21:28 MST

Technotranscendence wrote:

> > Spike Jones wrote:
> > > things, but overall the Fox pitch seemed a bit negative. {8-[ Damn.
> If the show was negative -- I didn't see it -- has anyone decided to write
> to Fox and say that portrayal was unfair?

Thinking it over, I reverse my earlier stance: the Fox show was about
as balanced as I would expect. If they had been positive about
cryonics it mighta started to look like an infomercial. They had a
deathist on there urging people to just die and let our grandchildren
run the show [he *assumed* we have offspring], they had
David Brin, who was more or less neutral [saying current corpsicles
have ~5% chance of drawing a breath sometime in the future], and
Merkel whose stance was predictable. {8-] Overall, perhaps it
is better to present a moderate view of cryonics than a positive one,
for even if it gives us a 5% chance, it is infinitely better than the
current two alternatives. Brin's 5% isnt all that different from my
own estimate of cryonics eventual success, altho I have been
moving more toward the optimistic in the past year or two.

I propose the Merkel as a standard unit of optimism for cryonics,
with Ralph's attitude defined as 1 Merkel. I am only at a couple
hundred milliMerkel now but gaining several microMerkel per day.
{8^D spike

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