Re: WWW representation of Real World? (I hope not)

Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 12:53:14 MST

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 I meant in contrast to being something of a arrogant loudmouth
 on the Net.

I always wonder about stuff like this when I am at Natasha's lovely
People who are absolute beasts online (not meaning you Lee) will be as polite
and sweet as pie in person!!!!!
Sometimes I'll be having an enjoyable, creative and stimulating conversation
about creativity or music with some guy at an Extropian party.... then
someone, perhaps Max, will tell them I am QueeneMUSE and they look really
embarrased, sort of blush, or cringe....

I think I have somewhat the same super-silly, contradictory,
loving-yet-confrontive personality face 2face ...expect display *far* less

Is there good reason to be arrogant on the net and not in person, when you
are ashamed of that behavior?


Question: Do you find that "the real you" is the net-arrogant person, or the
more mild mannered one? And do you find that you are changing your "in
person" persona to match the one you project on line? Has it helped you to
hone your true nature?

And finally, do you think that you can say things you cannot say in preson
(here) because you do not have to face the person, and hence the

If not that, why is it possible to say things here that you cannot say in


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