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Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 09:50:01 MST

I hope you are correct in this-a good carbon "fix". In the February SciAm
there is an article on sequestering aka storage of Co^2 in such places as old
natural gas wells.

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> Well, here's where I think "the real" is headed, just because it's a
> path of least resistance. I think that something that "gets" the carbon
> out of exhausts, and maybe the nitrogen oxides too, is going to be the
> next _big_ thing, generally because it's retrofittable, while old oil
> remains King Log. But I'm not sure how soon it'll be, how it'll be
> accomplished (I'm guessing bespoke thermophilic ((en)zymoids, catalysts
> being less vexing than organisms), nor what regimes it/they'll fail
> utterly at. If the booze-and-air fuel cells catch the wave and hit the
> shore on about 2002 in time for Christmas,
> maybe...scavenging the carbon is all you need there. I don't know what
> those fuel cells do with the carbon. My guess would be they take the
> easy way out. :) I like the idea of a house fuel cell-heater-water
> heater-water source a lot, and methane is an obvious fuel there

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