Re: piracy, copyright and mp3s (was DeCSS ruling)

From: L. A. Chu (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 00:30:22 MST

A lot of good stuff I don't have an answer for preceded:

> Mp3s are just the beginning, after
> all...when everyone has broadband access and massive hard drives we won't
> even need to compress the files, we'll just keep them at CD-quality as
> wavs or aifs.

I think MP3s are enough of a win in terms of bandwidth that they'll be
around for a while.
Even when T1s are as ubiquitous as the range of 28.8-56k modems in use
is now. And I can always cram 1Mbyte into a smaller package than I can
cram 10. Or just store 10 times as many songs. Well, recordings. Not

Now, there's a key limitation of MP3s that's shared by WAVs and CDs:
they're static. But the interactive stuff is still looking for its
Melies, I think. Or its Griffith. :\ :)

How about a format/driver that listens to you while you sing along and
tries to make you sound good? :) Sweetens you, fits you into the
soundstage as a ya-ya girl while Aretha belts it out, and you are
psychoacoustially transported to right between her and the drummer.


> Any ideas?
> Personally, I haven't bought many CDs since six months ago because I
> usually listen to Internet radio or mp3s. I'm not even talking about
> piracy, there is so much FREE music by unsigned artists out there if you
> take the time to look, and personally I really enjoy finding interesting
> new music that no one else has even heard of...I was DJing last night in a
> club here and played quite a number of unknown tracks from
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