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Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 23:10:27 MST

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> Methane is piss-poor in cars, since requiring either cryogenic or
> high-pressure storage, both of it nonviable. Methanol made from
> methane (via the synthesis gas route) or hydrogen (buckytube or
> hydride-absorbed) would make more sense there.
Precisely what I meant when I said "fuels derived from methane", even petrol
as it is called in europe. Were you aware that there is a cheaper process now
to convert Natural Gas into Petroleum? The concept is to make North Slope
hydrocarbon resource productive for several decades more, by converting
methane into "oil"-bizarre. This is but one example. It would the continue
to make use of the Trans Alaska pipeline, for decades.

Now ask me if this is my energy future of choice? Hell no! But its basically
the only game in town, unless one wants to perpetually fantasize about a
glorious clean energy future--which never arrives.

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