*** Writing Letters and Taking Action ***

From: Tim Ventura (TVentura@illuminet.com)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 20:10:38 MST

Regarding Aging and Life Extension:

Sometimes I get the feeling that you guys are really that interested in life-extension, because I'm not hearing any real plans for finding ways to help promote research or real scientific ideas in this area. In a way, that scares me, because I'm pretty sure that all are the only ones vocal enough to have started caring about it in the first place.

OR, as my boss has said repeatedly--"don't confuse effort and results". Are we just so much mush--sitting around and telling each other how great transhumanism is? Or are we going to do something to actually help our misguided human brethren to figure out that they don't have to die after 50 or 70 years like everybody has up until then. Our motto should be, "Be unique--live indefinitely!" Or something...

I wrote to the whitehouse today (you can get there from www.whitehouse.gov) and asked Al and Tipper to de-regulate biotech when he takes office, which he probably will--because I'm just not seeing the progress from George W.


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