Re: private school & taxes

Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 21:53:23 MST


From: Gregory Alan Bolcer <>

Cynthia Dale wrote:
> I know that one thing you can do is put 2000 a year in an educational IRA
> taxfree. At least, you can do it for kids who're going to college. You
> should check it out. It's not much, but it'll help.
> C

Hey! Or you can join the Amazon insanity. Jeff Bezos spinning from
his man of the year and status says that Amazon has turned the corner
and their company will finally go no deeper into debt. This news was
announced in a conference call to their investors after market hours
yesterday. Amazon stock was up over $14 today on the promise that in
y2k1 they many actually turn a profit. So why stop there? If I were
him, I'd announce a new corporate plan to take over all of e-commerce.
Let the world's most successful e-commerce site take over your
business's e-commerce. If I were Amazon, I'd make damn sure I'd never
turn a profit this century. It's all virtual funny money tied into
their virtual stock value. I'd buy everything just by dilluting the
hell out of the stock going for a corner on the whole e-commerce
space. Acquisition mode, here I come:

Start off in the Corporate Portal space: using their stock, buy
Autonomy, Engenia, Portal Software, InfoImage, Nextpage, PeopleSoft,
Plumtree, Sequoia, TopTier, Viador, 2Bridge, Appsolut, Corechage,
Autonomy Inc., Cornus, Eloquent, Hyperware, NextPage, Semio,
Syngergistic, Thoughtstar, and the whole corporate portal keiretsu.
Gawd knows they are cheap enough and it wouldn't cost a lot to get
critical mass in this particular corporate niche.

Second, start buying up all the silly little Web and server hosters,
ESPs, TSPs, ASPs. , PSINet, US Internetworking, CMeRun, TopLayer,, Resilience, Solect, AboveNet, V2Commerce, AboveNet,
Applicast, ArtistaSoft, bCandid, BrightStar, Candle Corporation,
Citirx, Conxion, Cyrus, eGaiin, FutureLink, HurlNet, Enron,
Interliant, Newbridge, NaviSite, Packeteer, Progress, Panoptic,
Resilience, Unisphere, etc.

Third, start buying up all the e-commerce companies, everything from and, to Sterling Commerce, BEA Systems,
Ariba, Digital River,Vitria, Open Market, VerticalNet, Calico,
Selectica, Clarify, CommerceOne, etc.

Fourth, maybe people start realizing that you can't just pull money
out of the air, but by then you'll have cornered the whole e-commerce
space just in time for the The Great Reckoning [1] and Blood in the
Streets [2].


Hell, putting $2k into PRSF and USIX alone might get you a college

[1] The Great Reckoning: Protect Yourself in the Coming Depression
[2] Blood in the Streets : Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad

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