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From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 02:53:52 MST

I don't follow you. I was being silly about methane, and explaining some
genuine drawbacks of wind. You announce they are the growing-est. Great
for them--vote with your wallet.

Then you lose me. Things cost what they cost. Costs change over time. I
don't want a methane powered car badly enough to build one. I like
sailboats a lot, but they're very expensive, specialized vehicles.

Ground-floor apartment dwellers in tightly-packed suburbs don't get to
put up windmills, no matter how much they want to. That's real world
stuff too. You don't have to visit Tomorrowland. You don't have to ride
in one of the Mad Hatter's teacups, either. I am selective about "early
adoption", or I try to be. YMMV. Groovy, it's a big planet.

I am not trying to offend you, but you seem to have taken offense.


MMB wrote:
> MMB Natural gas and wind power-for whatever the drawbacks, are currently the
> growing-est sources of energy in power production. Now to cut to the
> chase-got nano-got solar-got fusion???? Look the problem with such a
> philosophical list is that everything is rhertoric and smoke and mirrors.
> Lets have some material, off the shelf examples-real world stuff. And
> tomorrow is always just around the corner and to quote the book "Wasn't
> Tomorrow Wonderful?"
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> > No, they retire, and new ones take over, saying "This time for sure!"
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> > MMB
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