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Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 10:06:06 MST

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> Um, a 50% efficiency figure for LEDs sounds a bit on the high side. I'm
> confident that the efficiency is high. Last I heard, the white light
> ones are about to push the efficiency of fluorescents/gas-discharge,
> somewhere around 18%(?), which is pretty darned cool. Ultraefficient red
> LEDs might be quite a bit higher, like 30-35%.

I dunno about efficeincy numbers but FYI LED's are replacing incadesants on

My 48 ft RGN has all LED lites. They supposedly last almost forever and use
a fraction of the power to produce more light. Very Bright tail lites..

The problem is they cost (a LOT) more. But the price is going down.

Rogers Mn.

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