Methane and other winds (was Re: alternatives to big oil and if they can be allowed to happen....

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 09:12:58 MST wrote:
> Even depending on methane alone, the amount of economically
> viable natural gas is stupendous; and the non-conventional sources are
> staggering.

Staggering? Heck, they wouldn't be staggering so much if them fool kids
wasn't out all night tippin' 'em over! ;)

> The other source, wind energy, has the possibility of supplying all USA needs
> -economic viability set-asside, momentarilly.

Moving parts, exposed to dust, rain, and freezes, are tough to keep
working. Massive use of wind power *will* have at least local climate
effects, which are very poorly understood--studies have been done in,
e.g., Illinois about the effects of art projects on wind patterns. The
butterfly effect is annoyingly real.

> Why are photovoltaics and
> fusion always 10-20 years away? My guess is that nobody has seriously
> challenged the physicists, and chemists who have touted these 'alternatives'.

No, they retire, and new ones take over, saying "This time for sure!"


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