Art Kaplan Bioethics Talk 2/8 in Philadelphia, also >H Philly update.

Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 06:29:55 MST

Hello all,

    Art Kaplan, a nationally known Bioethicist whose future predictions for
new millenium were mentioned in the Transhumanist Times, and James Wilson
will be giving a talk called "Will the Re-engineering of Human Beings
Human Nature?" on Tuesday, February 8th, 5-6:30pm at Logan Hall, University
of Pennsylvania, 249 S. 36th Street. Transhuman Philadelphia will be
to meet there as a group to attend the talk. If you will be able to come,
let me know at I will be trying to get more information
the talk today (including verifying the times). You can also call for more
information (215) 898-8220.

    Please do not try going to the Transhuman Philadelphia site today for
information as it seems there is a problem with our host server. Check back
tomorrow, though, and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

    Also, a quick reminder that our own Transhuman Philadelphia monthly
meeting is this Saturday, February 5th (Chinese New Year) 1PM at the
HK Golden Phoenix Chinese restaurant on 911 Race Street in Philadelphia's
own Chinatown. And for those who would be interested, there is also just
blocks away the 2000 Philadelphia Auto Show, which opens its doors at 10 am
and stays open til 6 pm. If anyone would be interested in going to the auto
show before the meeting begins or after it ends (assuming we ever do<g>),
again please let me know at

    Thanks again for your time, and hope to see you all there.

Glen Finney
Transhuman Philadelphia

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