Re: alternatives to big oil and if they can be allowed to happen....

Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 06:23:29 MST

At least until a darkhorse technology (nanotech?) springs into existence
(from a market pov) my guess is that the future is going to be powered by two
success stories. One is natural gas (which everyone outside the USA calls met
hane); the other is windmills. Hopefully power storage media such as fuel
cells will extend the range and applicability of methane and wind,
derived-energy. Even depending on methane alone, the amount of economically
viable natural gas is stupendous; and the non-conventional sources are

The other source, wind energy, has the possibility of supplying all USA needs
-economic viability set-asside, momentarilly. Why are photovoltaics and
fusion always 10-20 years away? My guess is that nobody has seriously
challenged the physicists, and chemists who have touted these 'alternatives'.

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